Surgeon's House Bed & Breakfast

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Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona

Andrea Prince would like to invite you to visit the historic old town of Jerome, Arizona and share in her informal and relaxed hospitality at the Surgeon's House Bed & Breakfast. "Love at first sight" is how Andrea would describe her feelings when she first laid eyes on this charming home, and she hopes you'll feel the same way. (Click on the picture of the house above and take a slide show tour of the downstairs.)

Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona
The holiday special is here! This year we're calling it "Lantern Fantasia"  It's fun!   It's fabulous!   It's fantastic!  See it here!   We also have decorated the house in that colorful scheme. Click here to enjoy!    The gardens let us know when the seasons change. The dahlias replace the hollyhocks.   The gladiolas replace the tulips, and the cycle continues.     See the gardens in all their autumnal glory right here.   We just finished the install of our new balcony off the Maid's Front Suite. Look, look, look!  In 2017 the Surgeon's House will be one hundred years old. We fully intend to honor that turning point with various centennial events. The first step is our creation of a "then and now page" that documents the changes in just the last couple of decades.    Go here to see how the old house has changed over those years.   You can also check our Facebook Page for updates on the Centennial.   It's quite unbelievable.   
Surgeon's House lodging in Jerome, Arizona


Built in 1917 for Jerome's Chief Surgeon, this home has been on the National Historic Registry since 1966,  and has a rich history.

Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona The property, on Hill Street in Jerome was originally the George W. Hull Homestead Tract.  Mr. Hull was far-sighted and industrious, and obtained what became the town site of Jerome, Arizona and much of the surrounding mineral rights. When major companies wanted his interests, his price was one million dollars. The United Verde Copper Company paid it.

On the site the Company built a new hospital and a virtual mansion for their Head Physician to live in.  Arthur Kelly, noted Los Angeles architect, designed both with arched windows, gleaming stucco, and rich red tile roofs.  All the modern comforts were included. 

Doctor Carlson

Used for years as the nurses' residence, in the early 1930's the house became home of the then Chief Surgeon, Dr. Arthur Carlson, and his family. Decorated with the finest, it became a warm and hospitable home. Parties were held to create a diversion for the Company's upper echelon from the hard work in this hard rock mining town.

After the closing of the mine in 1953, the house became home for the Company's agent, and later, other Jerome community members. Councilmen, mayors, merchants, geologists, policemen, even the local Jerome postmaster, all enjoyed the simple elegance of this house.

The house fell into disrepair over the years, but has now been lovingly restored to its former beauty. Andrea has located and exposed the core, the very essence of the integrity of this historic house. The gardens, unique rooms and decks, rich wood floors, and the chauffeur's quarters have all have been beautifully restored. So come and stay with us and become an ongoing part of history. As a poet once said, "History is a pattern of timeless moments." Experience that timelessness with us.

The Surgeon's House Bed & Breakfast in historic and picturesque Jerome, Arizona is a refuge for those who seek elegance in a rich, leisurely atmosphere, surrounded by peaceful settings and fantastic panoramic views.

Drive up the hill - into Jerome and into the past, where the magnificence of the Surgeon's House awaits you!!!

This video can only hint at the beauty, magic, and tranquility
you will find at our "Island in the Sky", but with just one viewing
you will begin to be enchanted . . .
Surgeon's House lodging in Jerome, Arizona

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Surgeon's House in Jerome, Arizona

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