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"Everything that slows us down and forces patience, everything that sets us back into the slow circles of nature, is a help. Gardening is an instrument of grace." - from May Sarton's "Journals". Thanks to guests Sarah and John Calvin of Scottsdale for sharing the gentle reminder of the graceful blessing of our elemental nature.

Autumn 17!

Here we are in yet another autumn . . . around and around we go. There are cycles here at the Surgeon's House that announce the season. For example, the water in the ponds starts to cool down rapidly and the fish start slowing down and getting ready for their winter sleep; the gladiolas start to bloom; the apples ripen on the trees; the leaves turn red and golden; the nights cool down; the air is sharper and clearer; and the stars seem to draw closer . . . It's a wonderful time in Jerome. Magical and slightly mysterious.

Update: November 30

Weather-wise, November feels a whole lot like May this year! The gardens are behaving very strangely as we near the end of the month, the sweet peas have RE-SEEDED and are blooming, the fruit trees have all set buds already, and the forsythia and jasmine are blooming what in the hector? This is a first.





Recently we were requested to create a photo essay that highlighted how fall drains the lifeforce from flowers such as the beautiful zinnias in our garden. So, here you have "The Fading of the Zinnias"







































We had a wedding in the gardens recently and we planted some miniature roses for the occasion.



Even in Winter the magic continues. We are fortunate that sometimes the gardens bloom in snow. Click here for the perfect winter day.

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