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Spring of 2018!

March 21, 2018 Finally, the first day of spring! We've had an unusally mild winter, but it's always good to see the gardens start to bloom again. The daffodils are, of course, always the first to lift their little trumpet heads toward the sun, and we love to see them.



And then, all the other flora start to follow suit.





And the fauna too!

March 26 - The magnolia tree and the wisteria over the koi pond start to bud.


April 2 - The local birds take their daily baths in the fountain, and Andrea ponders the beautiful miracle of her birds and bees.












April 12 - The swallowtails have arrived to harvest nectar from the lilacs, the baby hummers are getting ready to fly from the nest, and the koi are awake and hungry as all get out. Isn't spring delicious?






April 17 - Cherry tree in full bloom . . . plus gramma wysteria . . . plus . . .




There will be many many more beautiful photos coming before this spring is over, so stay tuned and keep coming back for the updates!

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