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January 22, 2020 - Can you feel spring coming? The helliborus can.


January 20, 2020 - As the javelina eats Mr. Fox watches and waits in the background. Perhaps Mr. Fox is a little wary of the wild pig.


January 16, 2020 - Another night and another encounter. Below we see Mr. Fox at the feeder getting a bite. He doesn't seem to notice Mr. Racoon coming in. Suddenly, he does notice and appears startled. And then, and then - do they actually eat out of the bowl together? Seems so. Somewhere during dinner, Pepe LePew shows up, and both fox and coon take careful notice of him. Later, Mr. Coon, satisfied, lumbers back into the night. Pepe and Mr. Fox hung out a while longer and didn't seem to have any issues. Peace reigns supreme . . .


January 9, 2020 - Last night there appears to have been a disagreement between two of our javelina guests at the feeding trough. However, by the morning things had calmed down, and we received a visit from a very civilized lady who was not concerned if Joshua hung out while she had breakfast.


January 4, 2020 - A group of raccoons is called a gaze. Raccoons are sociable animals within the family group. They will remain with the family group for a year before venturing off to look for a mate. So, here is a "gaze" huddling around the ground feeder this night. They seem happy.

January 3, 2020 - It looks like we might have mated pair of arizona gray foxes. How romantic!

December 30, 2019 - Somebody called this javelina "Santa's little helper". We'll let you be the judge.

December 27, 2019 - We actually had snow on Christmas Day. It started in the afternoon and continued on and off for a few more days. It is our first winter wonderland shoot for this year.






Stay tuned for more winter photos. We never know these days what's coming next. Could be blossoms in February or blizzards in April. It's a mystery.