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Bee Magic and We Bee Surprised


Mid-Oct my dear sister Jan Brown visited me from Beaufort, SC. She has been a beekeeper in various areas of the U.S. for about 20 years, and she is the one who rooked me into keeping bees. I could [...]

Bee Magic and We Bee Surprised2020-11-10T10:21:37-07:00

And the Beat Goes On


How about a flotsam and jetsam of what’s happening other than preparation for The Safe Haven and YOUR ARRIVAL...Our magical born-again apple tree is blushing with ripeness and tons of apples so be prepared to see them at breakfast. [...]

And the Beat Goes On2020-11-07T20:48:46-07:00

Just Hanging and Lying Around the House


It shouldn’t come as a surprise that after 28 years a couple of our poor old screen doors had seen better days. An ongoing challenge with older structures is of course  they are NOT what is now considered ‘standard [...]

Just Hanging and Lying Around the House2020-10-28T21:46:37-07:00

Is This Us???????


A former guest recently knocked my socks right off and dropped my mouth with the following image of my home in 1997. Obviously ‘the bones’ of the surgeon’s house remain but man oh man have [...]

Is This Us???????2020-10-25T09:29:19-07:00

Exquisite Equinox Season


A barefoot, dirt-digger shouldn’t have a favorite season of the year but I must confess, that fall may be our favorite. Cooling temperatures, tempered rays of afternoon sunshine, a crispness in the air, and typically inky black starlit night [...]

Exquisite Equinox Season2020-10-24T22:34:09-07:00

Enough is More than Enough


Of all the beings that are NOT thriving, the javelina are defying the odds. So far in this year’s breeding season since March, we have counted now seven generations of babies which seems like just too many. Unwittingly, our [...]

Enough is More than Enough2020-10-16T14:27:31-07:00

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This


It felt like a pretty idyllic way to celebrate a birthday at the Surgeon’s House. . .happy b-day Wray and thanks for the image.

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This2020-10-12T14:17:00-07:00

Critter-Proofing is Challenging


Loving the myriad of critters that share this property with us, sometimes we need to set some boundaries to ensure harmony is maintained as well as our beloved green guys AND not lastly, our safety. We tend the bees [...]

Critter-Proofing is Challenging2020-10-24T22:09:56-07:00

Andrea and the Castor Bean!


In the past, we traditionally planted castorbeans gifted to us by our holiday decorating friend, Ann and 15 years ago was our zenith with a castorbean plant maybe 10’ tall covered in blossoms and resembling some exotic Steven Speilberg [...]

Andrea and the Castor Bean!2020-10-11T12:25:44-07:00
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