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Beyond Words


Look what Joshua was fortunate to have captured in an image – phenomenal at all levels! Come see for yourselves.

Beyond Words2020-09-29T17:19:54-07:00

No More Shenanigans


Everyday as we tend the bees; fill sugar water, jelly, pollen and birdseed feeders; and retrieve chips from our stealth cameras, we seem to have to deal with all variety of messes created by the critters. . .the most [...]

No More Shenanigans2020-09-27T10:54:14-07:00

They Got Their Second Wind


On the eve of the fall equinox and with the daily and especially overnight temps gradually dipping, the gardens are feeling a regenerating burst of blooming. [...]

They Got Their Second Wind2020-09-25T21:56:15-07:00

Aren’t We Comfy and Moving in for the Winter?


Our friend, The Excavator, never ceases to amaze and amuse us as he makes himself right at home. Which one of us doesn’t understand the need to scratch an itch where we can’t reach? [...]

Aren’t We Comfy and Moving in for the Winter?2020-09-25T15:17:52-07:00

September’s Offerings


Praise be the temps have calmed a wee bit as fall approaches and everyone in the garden is feeling pretty stinking happy with the cooler days and sublimely chilly nights. Always something new to marvel. [...]

September’s Offerings2020-09-20T10:56:19-07:00

Picky Eater


The friend from last year, The Excavator, has apparently found new digs under and around the Honeyshack where the supply of tomatoes is keeping him pretty darned busy. Take a look at a recent picky eater scenario where he [...]

Picky Eater2020-09-19T16:38:30-07:00

Roses, Roses Everywhere


In our continuing effort to regenerate and rejuvenate areas that long ago became overgrown with vinca and wild berries, we decided that roses might be the most perfect longterm choice for these terraces so we began with additional clean [...]

Roses, Roses Everywhere2020-08-30T21:20:21-07:00

Dog Days of Summer


With the monsoons teasing us (FINALLY) as we leave August heat, blossoms continue to grace us. Our much-anticipated and revered zinnias are finally showing themselves, we filled in the vacancies created by the chaparral sage with spirea, and our [...]

Dog Days of Summer2020-08-30T20:59:37-07:00
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