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The Pre-schoolers


One of the most thrilling garden moments for us is when a new person is just barely getting ready to bloom. What a notion of the continuity of life and new promise. [...]

The Pre-schoolers2020-07-10T12:14:15-07:00

Wowzers, a Day to Remember!


July 2 was a day for the record books to be sure. Ever since we brought Olive Isabella Shaunnesey and her entourage home at the forepart of the year, we have intended to upgrade her digs to insulated hives. We [...]

Wowzers, a Day to Remember!2020-07-04T16:08:31-07:00

Close-ups on the minis


We couldn’t resist showing off some of our tiniest garden graces. An entire bouquet all at once with four resplendent blossoms on our amazing cactus and two more [...]

Close-ups on the minis2020-06-17T17:22:10-07:00

 Welcome Back our Friend


 Welcome Back our Friend These high temps have really diminished the activity at our feeders where on many days we have no visitors between three and nearly 10 p.m. The bees are focusing on all the natural goodies and [...]

 Welcome Back our Friend2020-06-09T16:12:56-07:00

Well Finally!


I run past my neighbor Kate’s on School Street nearly every day where she has the most regal, sculpted, and ancient catalpa tree.  Four to five years ago, we got a youngster who endured a really rough start [...]

Well Finally!2020-06-09T09:13:16-07:00

Catch Up and Clean Out


It seems what we call the “frenzied chaos” of summer is sneaking up on us, and we found ourselves a little behind the eight-ball. To the rescue come our neighbors Lauren and Camilo of Gangster Garden here in Jerome [...]

Catch Up and Clean Out2020-06-07T20:56:57-07:00
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