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All Hail Queen Tutwo!


Another grand pre-dawn adventure takes us back to our friend Roy Arnold to select and bring home a new hive of honeybees. This brings our total to three hives, the first two thriving beyond our imagination. The new queen is [...]

All Hail Queen Tutwo!2020-06-16T14:03:29-07:00

Take a Deep Breath


The grass in the marvelous private yard of the Chauffeur’s Quarters, unlike previous years, has not thrived for the past couple of years. Joshua and I concluded that the p-trees (paradise trees) had grown so densely that even shade-loving grass [...]

Take a Deep Breath2020-06-05T13:41:46-07:00

The Web Team


As you revel in the unveiling of our new look, I want to raise a GRAND HANDCLAP to the motley crew that got us here through tireless hundreds of hours of work and creative thinking. Missy tk (Teri Klein) who [...]

The Web Team2020-05-13T08:15:04-07:00
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