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Fleurs and Fins

Oh Joy Oh Joy


Just when you think it is safe to go nursery shopping. . . when all the Indian signs told us that it was good to nursery shop to regenerate our pots, we had second thoughts as the temps dropped abruptly and down came the ‘sky juice’ so into the honey shack went all our newbies.

Oh Joy Oh Joy2024-03-08T14:11:33-07:00

Could Spring Be Springing?


As we near the middle of February, the Earth Mother is gifting us some teasers of better, brighter times to come. Life of all natures is peeking and poking out. See the evolution of the hellebores from barely peeking, to bud, to flower.

Could Spring Be Springing?2024-02-19T19:17:34-07:00

Fall simply Fell!


Both inside and out, one minute it was late summer and then FALL FELL on us with colder temperatures alongside that glorious pre-winter sunshine. Joshua and Juan tackled pruning of the ash tree while a new spider woman moved in and the anemone virginianas appeared in all their glory.

Fall simply Fell!2023-10-08T12:28:39-07:00
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