Day Two of this project saw Joshua with a sledgehammer to remove the remaining concrete and the rotted lumber. We caught a true break in that the curbs were both intact so the grand gramma of a wisteria is UNdisturbed and the crack in the front curb is easily repairable. It appears it contains rebar. Our original thought was to double up on the two bys but we finally elected to remove all old and replace with doubled up treated materials.

We placed a temporary plywood cover and took pains to ensure safety all around.

Next we doubled up on the 2×4 joists with treated lumber and bolted them in all around before placing the permanent plywood. Then on to sealing all round with hydrocrete.

Now we layer in advance of rebar and concrete pour – coat of elastomeric for good measure, a layer of tar paper tucked up and under the steps (see Joshua’s demo), two kinds of mesh for the seams, chicken wire (probably not needed but another connection), rebar crisscross, then yet another seam sealer before the concrete pour next week. Final chapter in theatres soon – ha! This has been more of a production than anticipated but surely needed.