Last September, the 23rd to be specific, my home and Rumi ganged up on me with yet another faint glimmer of a divinely-guided, creative project. I have often commented that my home is a jealous lover who might also be a narcissist as she makes herself so unbelievably gorgeous and alluring in so many senses and vignettes that simply demand to be captured. Well, we have attempted to capture her. That statement makes me think of “many are called while few are chosen” but nonetheless none better than our blessed friend and photographer, Michele Jones, whose work we have featured for you in the past.

This time my home was calling us to really dig deep with the challenge of expressing the spiritual heart and soul that is the embodiment of The Surgeon’s House. Above all, she (TSH) is a magically sacred space on the planet who invites all of us to come and be replenished? Healed? Nurtured? Enlivened? You name it. I want to share the reading of Rumi that started all this.

Let me make it perfectly clear that I, in no stretch of the imagination, am anywhere in any obscure millisecond in Solomon’s ballpark but Rumi’s description of this incredible structure and environment brought chills and tears and plopped me squarely HERE – TSH.

So here are the first baby steps of an emerging and evolving collaboration to reveal and evoke the heart and soul of TSH. I am hoping that on your next visit there will be a new binder addition to the collection This Is Your Life: The Surgeon’s House.  If we know anything about anything you will want to grab it every time you visit as this beautiful old gal – turning 107 in May – continues to turn herself inside out and evolve.