Will wonders never cease? Just one look outside and treats abound and await the patient observer. One of our game cameras caught a very curious feathered observer.

Do I see an eyeball

Our Amaranthus mini-forest near the big fountain put on its holiday finery when the cooler nights hit by acting like the leaves of a maple tree turning all shades of crimson. Look at them all pink BEFORE and then blazing vibrancy of orange and red AFTER. Who knew they could do that?

Amaranthus 1
Amaranthus BEFORE
Amaranthus AFTER cold nights

Another couple of beauties got their second wind as well.

Dewy and delicious
More lovely
Still going strong

As a comic postscript from Mother Nature and speaking of surprises, look at the latest antics of our 4 raccoon siblings. Did he slip off the platform or do we suspect a treacherous shove?

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