We always keep close tabs on the clarity levels of the ponds but especially in summer when algae increases and algae blooms can happen in a flash. We have been noticing that, even with our best, most thorough backwashing efforts, in conjunction with a top notch clarifier, the lower pond continued to be a bit murky. There is actually a mathematical equation of pounds of fish per pound of poop per cubic feet of water and the rapidity and volume of the filtration system. In other words – bigger fish, more fish, more poop, get it filtered faster. We have state-of-the-art filters so we concluded that our lower pond had exceeded its healthy, clear population limit. We needed to catch and move some finned folks.

We drained the pond to about two feet and then worked quickly as the lowered level along with the diminished oxygen makes them nervous – we can tell by the way they swim actually. We carefully evaluated individuals by size and relationships with their buddies, and selected four folks to ‘move uptown’. This is no easy task as once they spy the net, they are on the run.

This is definitely a two-person adventure so as not to injure the koi getting them resituated. They are surprisingly strong and can easily whip themselves out of the net and your arms. A fall can result in a broken tail or wound, both no bueno.

Joshua definitely gets the award for most flawless koi capturing and one-by-one four of our finned folks moved into the upper pond which is twice the volume of the lower and can comfortably accommodate its new residents – yea! We checked on them throughout the afternoon and all four babies were spied cruising happily around in their bigger world.

By the by, believe it or not, the residents of the upper pond recognized there were new people and in the lower, and that some of their old faithfuls were gone – they develop relationships indeed, just like we do.