Do you ever wonder why we don’t get all our superior ideas and notions at the same time? Why does it take so long for the AHA moment or perhaps some things are simply mysteries? I can’t hazard a guess how long ago we came up with the ideas of Operating Capital and offerings for guests to purchase some of our in-house specialty items. The Operating Capital has always been a successful way for us to put our hook in your mouth as an incentive to grace us with a return visit or to book regularly throughout the year. As time wore on we have revised the Operating Capital various times as our furry population shifted. We have the latest and greatest about to be unveiled and we have upped the incentive from our long-standing $30 savings to a tasty $40 – we felt you deserved that. For those of you currently holding Operating Capital we will be pleased to exchange your old one with a new one at your next visit and honor the new savings – yea. Take a look at our new look – Fiona Papillon & Latte Papa, and Nathan Annabelle (currently in absentia to our chagrin but with us nonetheless).

P.S. & Tee Hee – We had already printed the original all those years ago when we discovered we had a glaring misspelling. We consciously elected to allow it to remain. Can you find it?

The Forever More 2023 holiday ushered in our TSH Signature Vinaigrette that was so well-received that we thought we would resurrect our take-out larder. We shuffled though the archives of Kim’s and my collaboration and look at the age-old original.

On your next visit, be sure to ask for a little somethingsomething from our pantry that you may purchase to remember us at home or to gift. There will not be a display cabinet so just look for our new sign or ask us.