AAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRgh. . .water in Andrea’s office/apartment level is never welcomed and this one truly sneaked in on us. Starting as barely a damp spot on the window sill in the bathroom, within 10 hours we had constant dripping and the source was inscrutable as it would cease and then erupt again in a slightly difference location – all unfortunate nonetheless. Of course we checked the obvious suspects on the front porch but to no avail. Now the trick was to decide where to cut to further investigate so we called our infamous Gary Shapiro, plumber savior to the stars, for his 35 year experience in dealing with Jerome plumbing, and he and Joshua went to tracing and figuring.

Crazy as it sounds and, after tracing and troubleshooting every conceivable line, we are still not 100% certain that it is the main feed into the house from the meter – ah the mysteries these old structures hold. So, we forged ahead soldering and fixing the acute issue and just did a rough job of putting things back in temporary order until we can patch the drywall and repaint – oh boy oh joy!