I simply can’t believe that it has taken us so long to re-build, seal, and complete the painting of the steps leading to the honey shack and the veggie shed. Nonetheless we FINALLY COMPLETED that task to the joy of all of us who use those stairs. We like the new accented color look and are so grateful they are now safe.

With the artful composition help of Miss Alysa and the Captain aka dragon-maker, we are really pleased to present our resurrected Andrea’s Top Drawer of some of your favorites that are now available for purchase – YEA! We make every effort to keep our larder well-stocked but please bear in mind storehouse quantities shift. By the same token, always ask if we have something seasonally special that we are offering. The display is just to tempt you but the sign will remain in the dining room as a tickler.  YUM YUM that you can take a part of us home to enjoy.

From midnight snacks here to home with you. . .