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Welcome to The Surgeon’s House and its gardens and grounds. They have been my home since September of 1992 and at that time the yards were a neglected, tangled undergrowth of a world class mess! All the terraces, walkways, nooks, crannies, patios, and private hidey spaces are yours while you are here – yea! – and were based on rough sketches I made early on in combination with the natural evolution of gardens. I fancy myself a beginning but enthusiastic gardener and my theory is Gardening by Profusion – plant more flowers as they crowd out the weeds or at least you don’t see the weeds! Window on Avalon, Andrew’s Attic, the Reunited Resurrection garden and everything else were given birth in my mind and speak of Lilliputian mystery and magic. In terms of the inside areas, just treat my home as your home and settle in. For the time you are here, this is all yours so revel in it!”

Blessings and magic always and forever, andrea at the surgeon’s house

The Surgeon's House Bed and Breakfast in Jerome AZ

“The place is truly magical. I’m not exaggerating when I say it will feed your soul. From the amazing rooms with their eclectic decorations to the fabulous gardens and koi ponds, to private, hidden, intimate corners, to Andrea who is a rare treasure, to the breakfast which is to die for. . .if I could give it more than 5 stars, I would!”
— Janet Smith

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