Cancellation Policies

The Best Darned Cancellation Policy Under the Sun!

At the Surgeon’s House you never pay for something you don’t get! None of us ever intends to cancel, but sometimes we find ourselves in that situation. Let me explain my reservation and cancellation policy:

To ensure proper exercising of our policy for you, the most assured way to cancel is to SPEAK WITH A LIVE PERSON! The next is to LEAVE A VOICE MAIL OR EMAIL US. ALERT! Our landline does not receive text messages. We always acknowledge your cancellation so you know we are not expecting you. If you do NOT hear from us regarding your cancellation, that means we did not receive your initial cancellation notice. Please try again!


WE HAVE COLLECTED a $75 per night, per room non-refundable/non-transferable deposit at the time you reserved. If you cancel, regardless of when, you forfeit your deposit. If you cancel OUTSIDE of 8 days of your scheduled arrival, the only encumbrance is forfeiture of your deposit. Cancellations within 8 days of your scheduled arrival are charged full rate and full duration of your reservation to your credit card, AND you are issued a gift certificate that is transferable and lasts for 6 months . . . Yea! Once again, because there has been some confusion, this is how we count . . . if your reservation is for the 20th for example and you call to cancel on the 12th (regardless of time of day), you are within the 8-day period. We will then have a gift certificate awaiting your next stay . . . yet another Yea!

If you simply don’t show up, the full room rate will be charged.


If you book all my accommodations, a $500 per night non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is collected at the time you reserve. This amount is credited to your final bill at checkout. Your confirmation will provide all the particular details of your booking.


We REALLY want you to use your gift certificate!

If you cancel or change a gift certificate reservation, WITHIN the eight-day cancellation day period, the value of your gift certificate is reduced by a $50 per occurrence cancellation fee. If you simply don’t show up, your gift certificate will be considered redeemed.

My home is filled with beautiful objects that we intend to enhance the comfort and enjoyment of your stay. Any damage or loss of items for which you are responsible will be charged to your credit card.

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