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Rum-ing Around the World!


Long-term guests Karen and Jim Welch (aka Grapegirl and Rumboy) typically spend a few days with us every year about this time and they are always armed with a collection of their adult beverage of choice, rum.

Rum-ing Around the World!2022-12-15T12:49:52-07:00

Rogue’s Gallery of Forevermore Decorating


Our holiday decorating efforts called all hands-on deck yet again this year with the special assistance of the stocking fabricators, Phillip and Andrew, a surprise visit from my niece and her son from Missouri, Ruth and Jordan, as well as the stocking stuffer gifting creators, Chloe and her daughter Sofia of Sol Beauty.

Rogue’s Gallery of Forevermore Decorating2022-12-05T12:29:23-07:00

What a Team!


Wouldn’t you think that after 28 &1/2 years at this blessed calling, SOMEBODY would remember all the pieces/parts a project needs?

What a Team!2022-10-03T14:26:34-07:00

The Gang’s All Here So Let The Games Begin!


Man, oh man are we feeling like we are ahead of the power curve for the 2022 holiday season as Phillip and Andrew, Dolores – new chick to the holiday game but a long-standing artist in residence at TSH – and our Alysa put our heads together to begin a daunting painting and decorating project.

The Gang’s All Here So Let The Games Begin!2022-08-06T10:40:27-07:00
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