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It’s Happening


I’m not certain I like much of anything more than the feeling I get from the fall and winter sun playing off the cooler temperatures.

It’s Happening2021-10-22T18:23:15-07:00

A little this and that from us


We seem to have so much going on that it all seems really little or REALLY BIG. Our feeding station always seems to be the scene of some scene or another and here something got the obvious attention of [...]

A little this and that from us2021-10-13T15:40:30-07:00

Born again garage and its about time!


That devious cadre of elves that leave your garage in a god-awful mess about every 6-9 months outdid themselves recently in our large garage. We suddenly realized that one of the main beams holding up the existing ‘attic’ was significantly [...]

Born again garage and its about time!2021-09-27T18:07:26-07:00

Bring on the generosity!


Oh NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, our food bank frig/freeze had begun to sing, shout and finally scream at us, clearly indicating an impending malfunction or breakdown. Used appliances are in short supply right now and we were about to be in a real mess. To [...]

Bring on the generosity!2021-09-27T17:39:41-07:00

Mother Nature does NOT waste time, right?


I am over-the-moon excited at how the Earth Mother is validating our raised veggie beds by showing us progress in just four silly days! We had tiny little lettuce sprouts in just that amount of time so we planted more [...]

Mother Nature does NOT waste time, right?2021-09-19T17:26:38-07:00

Resurrection Complete!


Blessed are we with the infusion of fresh new energy from Master Gardener Tomas in tackling the recreation of Window on Avalon and Andrew’s Attic on Avalon. We began with the need to expose a clean palette on both [...]

Resurrection Complete!2021-09-17T20:50:17-07:00

We’re fixin’ to Fill the Beds


Labor Day and September find us moving forward smartly with our roof-top raised bed veggie garden, and now we are really going to have to work . . . hefting gravel and three types of dirt to be mixed, then [...]

We’re fixin’ to Fill the Beds2021-09-14T11:56:22-07:00
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