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Born-Again Porcelain


Here in late July 2021, we find ourselves having embarked on another ‘I’ll only do this once’ project – we are resurfacing two of our tubs and six sinks, including my beautiful kitchen monster.  We have been preparing and scheduling [...]

Born-Again Porcelain2021-07-28T10:57:48-07:00

Busy hands are happy hands!


I’m not certain what lit a fire under TSH crew today but we are just AWASH in a frenzy of activity inside and out! All of the wisteria are growing inches by the moment. The resurfacing [...]

Busy hands are happy hands!2021-07-28T10:03:02-07:00

Revisiting Miss Reba


Miss Reba Reece and her late husband Al have been a part of our home and heart for many years when they stayed with us during visits with Al’s cousin and our neighbor, Don Walsh.  Many aspects of our lives [...]

Revisiting Miss Reba2021-07-26T16:12:02-07:00

Neither RAIN, nor HAIL, nor SLEET keeps us from our appointed rounds!


Jerome has the privilege of being the smallest Humane Society ever to receive a grant from the Bob Barker Foundation.  No animal goes without veterinary assistance. If you can afford a buck for the visit, the charge is a buck. If you [...]

Neither RAIN, nor HAIL, nor SLEET keeps us from our appointed rounds!2021-07-22T19:34:35-07:00

Blessed return guests


While the pigs and our array of birds, our solitary raccoon, three squirrels, two skunks, the occasional packrat and the prowling local kitties visit every day and night, we are delighted to show you our new little [...]

Blessed return guests2021-07-18T17:18:53-07:00

Still slinging some hash!


Just so you know we continue to scramble with and for the Food Bank, last week we tackled one million chicken wings.

Still slinging some hash!2021-07-18T17:00:55-07:00

Pollination! We love pollination!


We are blessed this year, so far, with many flowers in our gardens and we aren’t the only ones enjoying them which spells the beginning of the pollination process leading towards honey harvest. Take a look at the following image [...]

Pollination! We love pollination!2021-07-11T10:38:54-07:00

Critter Check


The drought has become about as persistent as our nightly ‘pig swarm’ with upwards of 20 javelina at any one time so they don’t inspire the excited interest they once did.  We were so doubly tickled to see the [...]

Critter Check2021-07-05T10:47:37-07:00

Let the Summer Solstice season begin!


God bless another season of the summer solstice ushered in by an incredible full moon.  So many of the green people are simply exploding with beauty. To [...]

Let the Summer Solstice season begin!2021-06-25T17:26:40-07:00

It’s all happening in the GARDENS


Man, oh man, do yourselves a favor of all favors and drag yourselves outside right this very minute because all the action is out there. And guess who is back little [...]

It’s all happening in the GARDENS2021-06-02T18:19:33-07:00
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