And Not A Moment Too Soon . . .


SPRING IS SPRINGING and we are reminded that our green people are starting to awaken. Of course, it also means that we need to pay attention to some clean [...]

And Not A Moment Too Soon . . .2021-02-26T15:21:54-07:00

Jelly Jelly Who’s Got The Jelly?


Okay, enough is enough!  As if the javelinas aren’t enough of a nuisance simply by virtue of their exploded population numbers and the mess they create, now we have had to move the birds’ and little critters’ jelly feeder.  Once [...]

Jelly Jelly Who’s Got The Jelly?2021-02-24T16:42:51-07:00

Itching For Spring


We can’t remember when we have endured fallow, flowerless pots for so long so when we anticipated a little break in the weather, we were determined to get the grounds back in gear.  We made a haul that took several [...]

Itching For Spring2021-02-19T12:35:17-07:00

Undercover Babies


Look who presented themselves for our delight as the snow melted . . . the hellebores ‘suddenly’ appeared as it had blossomed UNDER the snow and were hidden until it melted – sort of like an archaeological dig! One of our miniature roses [...]

Undercover Babies2021-02-19T12:04:07-07:00

Sleeping Over With Skinny


Sometimes later in the evening when we are dimming some lights and heading for bed, it has been memorable to catch a glimpse of our little dude making himself at home.  I just sit down quietly in the darkened atrium [...]

Sleeping Over With Skinny2021-02-19T17:55:10-07:00

Update For Skinny’s Fan Club


We think that perhaps we have hit a homerun with the placement of Skinny’s igloo outside the atrium door and the addition of a heating pad in his digs, especially critical and hopefully attractive as we enter a temperature dip.  [...]

Update For Skinny’s Fan Club2021-02-19T18:11:15-07:00

If At First You Don’t (blablabla), Try Try Again!


As the nights grow colder, our furry friends are busier than ever getting their good eats as you can see in the antics of the acrobatic youngster above. Also, in the ever-continuing saga of the perils of our raccoon friend [...]

If At First You Don’t (blablabla), Try Try Again!2021-02-19T18:20:40-07:00

A Life of Stealth & Crime


We have been so elated that Skinnyman was eating all his hi-protein cat food every night not realizing that he had a clandestine helper.  Here is Mr. Skinny noshing on his fave scrambled eggs only to be chucked out-of-the-queue by [...]

A Life of Stealth & Crime2021-02-19T18:24:28-07:00

Dining Al Fresco At TSH


We just don’t seem to get enough of the grins and chuckles provided by our surreptitious visitors, especially those that sneak in for late-night dining.  One of the raccoon families is incredibly faithful in their patronage and they pass the [...]

Dining Al Fresco At TSH2021-02-19T18:29:30-07:00

Apples and more


Talk about an accelerated timeline for picking and storing our apples – the moment the colder nights began, our apples all got ripe at once so off to picking and storing we went.  Guess who will be making apple cobblers? [...]

Apples and more2021-02-19T18:32:47-07:00
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