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It’s Happening


I’m not certain I like much of anything more than the feeling I get from the fall and winter sun playing off the cooler temperatures.

It’s Happening2021-10-22T18:23:15-07:00

A little this and that from us


We seem to have so much going on that it all seems really little or REALLY BIG. Our feeding station always seems to be the scene of some scene or another and here something got the obvious attention of [...]

A little this and that from us2021-10-13T15:40:30-07:00



Some of nature’s delights are meant to be savored OVER AND OVER AGAIN.  Guess who is peeking from the greenery and whose cheeks could NOT be any more full. I can barely stand it that I [...]


First for the season


Joshua had an unexpected observer just 2’ from his hand and face who was graceful enough to announce himself!  Rick from the Jerome Fire Department was here in less than 5 minutes to relocate our little visitor and told us [...]

First for the season2021-09-03T16:56:40-07:00

Hip Hooray – it doesn’t get any better than this!


In reviewing our three stealth cameras around the feeding and water station, some days the delight is overwhelming.  Today was that day.  Earlier this week we saw our first albeit poor image glimpse of two raccoon babies carefully led down [...]

Hip Hooray – it doesn’t get any better than this!2021-09-03T16:55:43-07:00

More excitement on the Back 40


Take a gander at some of the usual suspects as well as one elegant party crasher . . . My first experience with ‘surprise lilies’ was back in Indiana and they are [...]

More excitement on the Back 402021-08-30T22:26:50-07:00

Garden Happenings


The gardens are simply bursting at the seams with all nature of resplendence and surprises with colors popping right and left. One of our visitors got ‘up close and personal’ investigating one of our stealth cameras. [...]

Garden Happenings2021-08-24T12:03:09-07:00

The Handsomest of Guys makes an appearance


We never cease to be tickled and affirmed at the critters – well most of them perhaps excluding the javelina – that visit our feeding station up above. We haven’t seen Mr. Grey Fox in a month or so but look how handsome, [...]

The Handsomest of Guys makes an appearance2021-08-12T21:16:51-07:00

Blessed return guests


While the pigs and our array of birds, our solitary raccoon, three squirrels, two skunks, the occasional packrat and the prowling local kitties visit every day and night, we are delighted to show you our new little [...]

Blessed return guests2021-07-18T17:18:53-07:00

Pollination! We love pollination!


We are blessed this year, so far, with many flowers in our gardens and we aren’t the only ones enjoying them which spells the beginning of the pollination process leading towards honey harvest. Take a look at the following image [...]

Pollination! We love pollination!2021-07-11T10:38:54-07:00
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