Revisit a Miracle


I planted what we now call the Grand Old Gramma of a wisteria over my front porch nearly 28 years ago.  The plant was the size of my index finger and I tied her to a ‘one-by’ with one of [...]

Revisit a Miracle2021-04-25T21:15:38-07:00

. . . just this simple . . .


We have forgotten our former states, except in early spring, when we dimly recall being green again and it will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are. Rumi Would that we could be this green. [...]

. . . just this simple . . .2021-04-16T17:07:31-07:00

Pure Temptation


One look at us, and everything GRINDS to a halt!  A fountain of PURE temptation crafted with FINELY-CUT gems.  We put DELICIOUS in a whole new category . . . Take a stroll through our gardens to enjoy a feast [...]

Pure Temptation2021-04-11T11:02:14-07:00



We don’t need no stinking thermometer to tell us when the finned folks are ready to eat again having ‘returned from West Palm Beach’ (which is code for hibernation).  Look at what greeted us a couple of days ago. [...]

We’re BAAAAAACK!2021-04-11T10:33:30-07:00

Garden Explosion


April is making us think that summer is already here with a variety of exciting happenings outside.  The squirrels have reappeared frisky as can be. And as the fruit trees just begin to blossom [...]

Garden Explosion2021-04-05T10:42:56-07:00

Our Man on the Street Eternally, Rumi


Just look at the never-ending beauty of the Earth Mother and how we have the senses to appreciate her gifts as written by the Sufi poet, mystic, and sacred person, Rumi in the late 1200s . . . Again [...]

Our Man on the Street Eternally, Rumi2021-03-25T15:08:42-07:00

Happy Spring Equinox


Spring is in the air and some folks really know how to make a show of themselves – check out the indomitable pansy and an American kestrel zooming in to grab dindin. Some folks, it seems, [...]

Happy Spring Equinox2021-03-23T13:46:20-07:00

Springtime Antics Inside and Out


This beautiful spring weather has everyone feeling frisky and full of themselves.  Take a look in the garden and around our feeding station . . . Speaking of feeling full of [...]

Springtime Antics Inside and Out2021-03-15T14:05:43-07:00

And Not A Moment Too Soon . . .


SPRING IS SPRINGING and we are reminded that our green people are starting to awaken. Of course, it also means that we need to pay attention to some clean [...]

And Not A Moment Too Soon . . .2021-02-26T15:21:54-07:00
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