Exquisite Equinox Season


A barefoot, dirt-digger shouldn’t have a favorite season of the year but I must confess, that fall may be our favorite. Cooling temperatures, tempered rays of afternoon sunshine, a crispness in the air, and typically inky black starlit night [...]

Exquisite Equinox Season2020-10-24T22:34:09-07:00

Critter-Proofing is Challenging


Loving the myriad of critters that share this property with us, sometimes we need to set some boundaries to ensure harmony is maintained as well as our beloved green guys AND not lastly, our safety. We tend the bees [...]

Critter-Proofing is Challenging2020-10-24T22:09:56-07:00

Andrea and the Castor Bean!


In the past, we traditionally planted castorbeans gifted to us by our holiday decorating friend, Ann and 15 years ago was our zenith with a castorbean plant maybe 10’ tall covered in blossoms and resembling some exotic Steven Speilberg [...]

Andrea and the Castor Bean!2020-10-11T12:25:44-07:00

Serious (cereus) Business is at Hand


Forty-eight hours after the first of the seven night blooming cereus burst into bloom, here comes number two and look who is just beside herself in the glory. Look closely at our bumblebee friend simply COVERED in pollen. . [...]

Serious (cereus) Business is at Hand2020-10-05T20:52:05-07:00

Blessings Everywhere


Our Excavator apparently has an itch that he can’t reach and the gardens continue to lure us into their mystery and beauty – come see for yourselves. [...]

Blessings Everywhere2020-10-05T20:20:30-07:00

Got Grapes?


Our Senor Excavator is broadening his dining repertoire apparently?

Got Grapes?2020-10-04T21:18:48-07:00

Every Moment Counts!


Last week we suddenly spied seven more buds on our night blooming cereus so we took up the vigil and sure enough, last night we were rewarded. These extraordinary offerings bloom in the dark of night and then last [...]

Every Moment Counts!2020-10-04T14:44:02-07:00
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