These garden gems speak for themselves and my beloved zinnias are beginning to make a big show.


Growing Pains


Wow, when we saw these kids the first time there were only three but look closely, we now have four little stinkers – literally!

Growing Pains2020-07-31T12:11:18-07:00

A Five Generation Family Reunion


Babies typically happen in nature mid-spring so we thought we had seen all the newcomers for this year already but look at our latest additions to the nursery. As adorable as they [...]

A Five Generation Family Reunion2020-07-31T12:01:29-07:00

A New Security System for the Surgeon’s House


As always, your security and happiness is of utmost importance to us so we have recently installed a new highly technical and intuitive security system for your wellbeing and protection. Get a load of this. . . [...]

A New Security System for the Surgeon’s House2020-07-29T22:31:11-07:00

Welcome Home


No sooner had Joshua and Andrea relocated four finned fatties from the lower to the upper pond than they received a last minute plea from Ann, our holiday decorating guru, asking if we could take her little menagerie of [...]

Welcome Home2020-07-24T12:14:58-07:00

The Sunbathers


It IS July but this heat is something!  At least some folks in the garden are backing in the sunshine.

The Sunbathers2020-07-20T16:17:09-07:00
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