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What’s the Haps?

April Activities Abound at TSH


Man, oh man are things ramping up with activity around here. Maggie McDonald and I are inching towards a month-end collaboration to repair and revitalize the faux mosaic that her mother and in-house TSH artist created way back when.

April Activities Abound at TSH2024-04-18T09:18:31-07:00



I’m back with the intention to get on track with the story-writing part of my stewardship here and the first step is to document the chronology of what has and has NOT happened since 2017, my home’s 100th birthday that inspired the compilation of the binders of This Is Your Life – The Surgeon’s House.

WHY AM I DOING THIS? ROUND #22024-03-11T23:53:35-07:00

Will Miracles Never Cease?


I simply can’t believe that it has taken us so long to re-build, seal, and complete the painting of the steps leading to the honey shack and the veggie shed. Nonetheless we FINALLY COMPLETED that task to the joy of all of us who use those stairs.

Will Miracles Never Cease?2024-03-06T14:27:33-07:00

And the Beat goes on


Over 10 years ago when we expanded the Maid’s Suite Back to double its size, Builder Bill constructed this set of ‘temporary’ constructions steps as our only means of getting to that elevation.

And the Beat goes on2023-11-27T14:25:31-07:00
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