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Fleurs, Fins & Furries2021-10-26T16:55:58-07:00

Fleurs, Fins, & Furries

at The Surgeon’s House

Winter Treasures

By |February 21st, 2023|

Here we are 3/4ths of our way through February and bracing for another burst of Old Man Winter.

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Packed Airspace

By |January 19th, 2023|

We are astounded about the new eating habits of the doves leaving the ground to frequent the feeder and lately they have been frequently joined by the cardinals and the rufus-sided towhees giving the jays a run for their money.

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Family Get togethers

By |November 18th, 2022|

These not-so-youngsters-anymore raccoons and skunks have virtually grown up together and it is heart-warming to see that their ease and cooperation continue.

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Summer Retreat

By |October 27th, 2022|

As the weather portends the coming of winter, many of our friends are moving into a warmer space just as we respond to that going within and hunkering down instinct. A praying mantis prepares to dine on a wasp in the atrium door, and I scurry around looking for those last couple of zinnias and the roses that blush (just the slightest) from the cold nights . . .

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The Hostess with the Mostest

By |August 24th, 2022|

It seems our conifers have hung out the ‘Vacancy’ sign and look who has moved in – the weeping blue atlas cedar is now home to a morning glory and the blue spruce has given a leg up to the rose bush at its base.

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Cuteness OVERLOAD!

By |August 10th, 2022|

If you have an aversion to saying “ooooh” and “aaaaah” I suggest that you stop reading this post right this minute! We were just commenting that it must have been an unfortunate year for any raccoon family as we hadn’t seen babies yet and lo and behold, look who visited us last evening. . .mama and FIVE babes!

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Who could be so Precious?

By |August 6th, 2022|

The elusive Miss Jemima Pearl was caught at ‘her post.’ Our night blooming cereus gave us its ALL yet again and our family of skunks is just beyond belief. The little guy who has puffed himself up can’t be as long as a size 8 ladies’ shoe! He looks like a stuffed toy. . .

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Waterworld Revisited

By |July 23rd, 2022|

Once again Joshua and I enjoyed the good fortune of an opportunity to hang the ‘gone fishin’ sign and trekked to Phoenix where we honed our koi-herding and transporting skills, returning with 8 glorious beauties!

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Sweet Peeks

By |July 1st, 2022|

The monsoons brought just a few minutes of hail which was just enough to pockmark our lily pads but look at the sweeties that waited to bloom until after that storm.

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Garden Peak

By |June 22nd, 2022|

You may get weary of my child-like delight and surprise at what presents itself in the gardens and yard but I love these treats.

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The Classic Koi Kaper

By |May 12th, 2022|

This week was a HUMONGOUS one on our Coconut Island in the Sky koi world as we travelled to two locations in Phoenix to collect new finned folks ranging in size from 3” – 16”.

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