Two years ago, we began observing three raccoons that always arrived together.  One of them we immediately named Stubbs as he had something not-quite-right with his tail.  Then, a number of months ago, just two individuals continued to visit us. Perhaps nearly two months ago, we sited this wretched creature who was hairless and nearly unrecognizable. We named him Skinny.  He was always alone, shunned by his former buddies because of his condition, and clearly was enduring or had survived some horrible medical situation that cost him all his fur.  With winter fast-approaching, we were obviously concerned about his nutrition and warmth.

Of course, we can’t control who partakes of the feasting so his buddies joined in but a little late.

Then lo and behold Skinny showed up with one of his former compadres which makes us wonder, “if they could tell he was ill can they also tell that he is healing?”  We are wanting to see this as a positive signal.

Even though the previous diners took a pretty good stab at the offerings, I guess portion size is proportional!

p.s. Look closely to the set of eyeballs under the shed watching all this and likely thinking, “hey guys, leave some for me!”

So we put our heads together and decided to at least take a stab at providing shelter for our Skinny person and we outfitted his new (hopefully) warm/protected digs with straw—what a messy ordeal—and some good eats in hopes of attracting him, Then tucked the whole enchilada in between the Chauffeur’s Quarters and honey shack up against the mountain.  We have moved one of our cameras so stay tuned.