Some months back, I suggested that we embark on a new creative adventure to attempt to capture photographically the heart & soul of my home. Many steps and hands were involved in this production that culminated in the unveiling of this tome. We are well pleased. (Notice that even Latte Papa was in on the first viewing!)

“Stunning” is the term that most guests have used to describe the photographer’s images and we are most interested in sharing them with all of you. Currently the Near Mosque portion of This Is Your Life: The Surgeon’s House resides on the dining room buffet table and whoever checks you in will give it a nod in your direction as you are greeted. Give it a perusal and then I invite your feedback and impressions.

Psssst . . . We have also gotten back on the writing stories horse so a new Vol. 3 of Stories – The Walls are Talking Now is ready and waiting for you. Honestly, I promise you that we just could NOT make these yarns up!