We are so excited about the Seasons’ Eatings from Christmas Eve and then again on Christmas Day, we simply had to share some glimpses of the festivities and the blessings of relaxing in our fun fluffy-slippers way!

The Billings family replete with little Salem in her red Eloise shoes, Scarlett properly attired as an extravagant Christmas ornament, a side order of mom and dad, Melanie, and George; Phillip and Andrew adorned with all manner of holiday cheer, and neighbor Allen sporting his holiday foot ware finery as well rounded out the ensemble. Alysa and I were not so elegantly appointed but full of holiday goodness, nonetheless. Jemima Pearl even graced us with her participation. Take a look as we read Eloise at Christmas, noshied and drank, and awaited the sound of reindeers on the roof.

We were joined on Christmas day by Dian and Brett as well as our new helper Kirk for even more holiday fun. We are pleased that our holiday buffet was resplendent albeit NONtraditional and well-received all around. Thanks to all who joined us!

Eloise and friends

Eloise and friends.

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