We were fortunate to acquire large amounts of cherry tomatoes at the Methodist Church food bank, and it seemed only natural to cook up a couple of gallons of red sauce to deliver back to the bank. Below you can see Andrea stirring the simmering tomatos. Here are the directions from Andrea if you want to try this at home.


Cull tomatoes (whatever you have) and place in baking pan with sides. Tomatoes reduce but there will be more liquid which you want. Amply sprinkle with extra virgin olive oil or depending on the favour desired, try toasted sesame seed oil.

Amply drizzle with either cheap red or white wine – guess pink could work if you were going for a lighter touch with maybe sage and other aromatics or z’atar.

Being absent fresh other stuff we gave each of the three HUMUNGEOUS trays of tomatoes onion flakes & garlic powder which of course is requisite in everything except ice cream maybe.

To one we added Italian seasonings, red pepper flakes, and red wine.

To the second, cajun seasonings and cheap red wine.

To the third, cheap red and white wine and garlic pepper which has all the constituents like paprika, garlic obviously, pepper/salt, whatever of a meat rub.

My oven goes up to about 550 degrees so turn yours up to the max and roast uncovered until the tomatoes pop and are a little charred.

Blend in a blender or use an immersion blender to make a sauce. If you have too much liquid, throw in some stale bread or croutons to thicken.

Adjust everything to what you like and what you have.

I haven’t blended yet but in stirring we have one really SPICEY batch so watch out for that garlic pepper which is a new item to me and we may have overdone it.

We will use this to prepare for the frozen food bank offerings so I am thinking with potatoes, or a strata (bread pudding), obviously in a stew with whatever, crockpot meat, wow let’s think what else. . .pizza sauce? Pasta sauce? Dipping sauce? It can be anything and is so full-bodied and rich to say nothing of the benefit of the sniff-coping abilities during roasting. . .it is enough to make anyone hungry.