We continue to stretch our wings for and with the Food Bank volunteers and recipients.  This time, Ann (who is the head honcho each week making this darned thing happen) mentioned that she had chickens and might we use them?  Is that really a question if it comes from Food Bank Ann?  So, guess who journeyed home with seven frozen chickens . . . that was a departure for us that turned out to be what we hope is a real homerun in flavor combo’ed with dressing.

We began with making MAGNITUDINOUS batches of broth and then roasting our chickens with guest-gifted oranges and our TSH home-grown apples.  We used every stinking large pot in my home for this broth effort and Brittany and I think we have never seen so many dirty pots in the sink at once – glad none of you was here to witness that clean-up.

The birds were frozen so we had to thaw them as quickly as possible in the Maid’s Suite Back bathtub and then hustle them into pans for roasting.  For the record, special cleaning happened OF COURSE after we extracted them and forged ahead.

Another lesson learned and now we might feel confident to branch out to other preparations – yea!