Recent long-term guests, Roabie and Jerry Johnson, were visiting the Verde Valley to honor Jerry’s mother, Anna Johnson’s 104th birthday on 5/22.  I commented on the coincidence that The Surgeon’s House was also celebrating her 104th birthday however the specific date is unknown.  They went on to describe Anna.  She lives in her own home with a 78-year-old daughter, walks to the canal every day, tends her own indoor plants and directs the tending of the outdoor ones, has recently survived a little health burp requiring a stay in the hospital and is back home and recovering rapidly, cooks her own favorite meals, enjoys many more normal daily accomplishments as we all do, and is very much involved in the FLOW OF LIFE.

I immediately thought of what other 104-year-old gal that described – my home! The intuitive flash was immediate to ask if we could make a ROYAL PROCLAMATION to dovetail The Surgeon’s House official birthday with Anna’s in honor of the stamina, courage, sense of humor, an engagement in the process of LIFE that both of these gals demonstrate.  Roabie, Jerry, and most importantly, Anna, thought it was a great idea!

From here forward we declare 5/22 as the official birthdate of The Surgeon’s House.  Happy Birthday Anna and thanks for sharing your birthday with us!  We shall celebrate together from here on out.

P.S. We are also celebrating a little-known national treasure that 5/20 was NATIONAL HONEYBEE DAY so praise bee!