Forecast of great things to come – 2022

Welcome to 2022! Early this month and year we ran into what has become an unusually plentiful vegetable haul from the food bank so we ‘set to roasting’.  The result of some scrumptious chunky all vegetarian red sauce.


One of our four not-so-youngster raccoon kids is on the lookout for marvels and wonders in 2022! Man, oh man, what a stretch he had happening.

Land ho

HONESTLY, we are trying to move forward towards completion of our garden garage repair but I confess we are having to be satisfied with baby steps. We are now dealing with what appears to be a never-ending paradise tree stump and the battle wages on!

The offender

We have dug, chopped, and snapped two tow lines in our attempts to remove this bugger. Now we are sawing it at every possible, visible point. Our next step will be to bring out the big guns in terms of a log chain or two and Joshua’s vehicle or our reliable beater blue pick-up to yank that guy out of there!

Angle 1A corner

I’m certain I heard underground chuckling at the frivolity of this extraction method.

Not working

In an effort to all keep things fresh and interesting for you, and in our continued commitment to document the history of The Surgeon’s House, we are smack dab in the middle of creating a new binder topic for the set This Is Your Life: The Surgeon’s House. This new subject will be comprised of perhaps four binders entitled “Images” and will contain all the remaining images and snapshots that have been hanging around in boxes for 29 years.

Photo album spine

As well, we have collected for your perusal all the old slides of the property since I have been here. You can even use an individual slide viewer (remember those?) to check out each one. Talk about a Zen task?!  Before we could begin actually affixing images to pages, they had to be organized and guess who that task fell to? Actually, it has been a sobering walk-down-memory lane for me, reminding me of how far we have come.


We should have at least one of the albums available for you to enjoy within the month and before your next visit – take a look when you are here.