This is a nearly-impossible story to record as Miss Prince finds herself UNcharacteristically speechless but the magnitude and gloriousity of these offerings demand thanksgiving and recognition.

I have lost track of how long Shaunna Akers, travelling nurse and for the last long couple of years, on the front lines of battling the virus tsunami, has been gracing us with her presence as an intermittent guest. From my point-of-view, we had an immediate connection.  On one early visit, my laughing buddha did everything except grab her leg to get her attention. He eventually went home with her where she recreated and refreshed him, and perhaps herself just a bit in the process. She and a Turkish artist created an absolutely stunning hanging light piece and installed it over her buddha.

As time went on, Shaunna and her collaborator created yet another even larger and more gobsmacking piece which she showed all of us pictures of during a visit last week. She also shared images of her Neverland garden oasis she is creating out of her backyard in Gilbert. As brilliant as all of her creations are, that is not the focus of this story . . . it is Love and Generosity.

After her departure this last time, an email indicated that surreptitiously two large boxes had been left in my garage with amazing direction on the extreme care needed when unpacking and installing. Let’s begin outside. The only way I can describe the sounds that emanate from this chime is that it sounds like the Earth breathing. It resonates both out and inside my home and the vibration is palpable. Take a look at the size of this instrument as I am now 5’1” with my arm fully extended and nowhere near the top of the chime! Treeboy was the absolutely most divine location so thanks Joshua.

Chimes 1
Chimes 2

Selecting the most perfect location for Shaunna’s handmade love light creation took a little vision and ingenuity but I can tell you it has transformed the hues and ambiance in the living room and atrium and when seen from the outside after dark . . . there truly are NOT adequate descriptors.

Hanging the original
Turkish creation morning
Turkish creation final

These two additions to The Surgeon’s House – my home – are the living examples of loving all living beings regardless of where on the planet they reside, equally and without exception, so that we may all achieve perfect and complete enlightenment. I can hardly wait for you to experience these giftings as images and words fall so stinking short . . .

A last note of serendipity in the scenario was the arrival of a photographer, Nicole Roberts, who captured a delicious close-up as well as the reflection and refraction of the light creation in the mirror and leaded glass overlay above the fireplace . . . thanks Nicole and even her expertise doesn’t afford the effect of experiencing all of this in person.

All aglow
Beautiful reflection