Back in October we realized to our horror, that our one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime Vicki Day book creation was damaged – horror of horrors! As it turns out, we were responsible for the damage as a result of standing this precious book up as we had our Tower of Dizzy Stars and Inn of Cosmic Pleasures holiday book. Without evaluating the dimensional differences of the engineering of these two volumes, we didn’t appreciate the stress on the spine. We needed to return it to its maker for rebirth.

Vicki spent untold hours deconstructing her creation and then analyzing and crafting a solution for safe REconstruction. To read the fascinating full story, check out her anthology in the Artists’ binder of This Is Your Life – The Surgeon’s House when you visit next. In the meantime, our glorious treasure has been safely returned to us with the proviso that it never be stood up again – WE PROMISE MISS VICKI!!!!!!!!