Jerome has the privilege of being the smallest Humane Society ever to receive a grant from the Bob Barker Foundation.  No animal goes without veterinary assistance. If you can afford a buck for the visit, the charge is a buck. If you need to barter, they barter. If you run out of pet food, it miraculously appears on your doorstep. All animals are neutered or spayed. No strays in Jerome. They still make house calls and are available to help with pet emergencies and accidents.

When I first came to Jerome, the clinic was conducted on the kitchen table of one of the founders. Our vet, Doc Virginny (Virginia Kenneway), has been driving to Jerome once or twice per week for the past 30 years.  No one gets paid except Doc Virginny – all others are volunteers – and I would wager her fees hardly cover her gas.

When you see one of their donation cans around town, DIG DEEP, knowing that 99 & 1/2 cents of every dollar you donate goes to the critters!

THESE FOLKS ARE HEROES OF THE FIRST ORDER so you can imagine what a privilege it is to support their effort with a lunch delivery every Thursday. Today, Brittany’s son, Ryland, stepped up to first base with Joshua to make this critical run – go guys go as the Jerome Humane Society uber!