Time’s fun when you’re having flies is another way of saying that time sort of gets away from us from the inception of an idea/vision to its completion.  In the case of a repaint of the Maid’s Suite Back addition floor, that timeframe was well over one year.  I’m not saying we were dawdling around, we just got distracted.  But with January 2021 proclaimed as TSH Project Month, we decided we would just jump in.

Since we had prepped for this project last winter, there wasn’t much to do except jump right in and that’s what we did.  Our first choice was a commitment to moving the sink vanity and tub.  I admit to having trepidation about everything going back together properly but we forged ahead nonetheless with confidence.  We taped.  We moved everything.  We cut in.

Of course, ‘planning regardless of postulated probability’ we did NOT except to find a leak on the hot water side of the sink – notice the bucket in the image that follows.  We fixed it of course as things came back together.

Next we got ready to paint in earnest having created a mini-mess in the nature of when Paul Warren refinished all the wood floors a few years back.

With fans and heaters at full blast, the project actually came together in record time, with the toilet closet being our final step.

In the vein of ‘wiping one spot on the frig door which ends up in defrosting’ once we saw how amazingly the new color transformed the suite, we just had to paint both rockers obviously!

The end result is better than a face lift and gives a new and brightened complexion to that suite.  We aren’t going to show you finished images as a bait to inspire you to get up here and see for yourselves. WE ARE WELL PLEASED AND HOPE YOU WILL BE TOO.