We must be feeling super ambitious as right now we are double dipping in the projects department of life.  A new helper and master gardener, Tomas, has taken on the rebirth of two sister gardens, Window on Avalon, and Andrew’s Attic on Avalon.  His first task is a MAJOR subduing of rampant English ivy so that we have a clean pallet on which to redesign and re-create.

As ambitious and exciting as this facelift, our other project carries the specter of being as daunting as it is lofty.  Our food bank work has brought to the forefront of our thinking, the importance of good and fresh ingredients – no garbage in or garbage out for us!  While I am not prepared to sacrifice any of my beautiful flowering individuals, the mantle of owning as much land as we do and growing almost no veggies is troubling. Compound that with the challenge of finding flat areas so . . . my home to the rescue with what we believe is the MOST PERFECT VISION – a flat, sunny spot, currently unused and not too attractive becomes the home for a garden of raised beds dedicated to growing vegetables, YEA!  It is not like Joshua and I don’t have plenty to keep us busy here, but this is a worthy commitment so we are forging smartly ahead.  Here are our auspicious beginnings.

Stay tuned and can you guess where these are going to be installed?