On a very personal note: My home has served as a place of healing since its construction. The chief surgeons healed uncounted citizens, and many have found a healing sanctuary here since. Many years ago our famous and beloved tamale ladies cooked 350 tamales in my kitchen, more than once I believe. A few years ago, my kitchen catered Katie Lee and Joey Van Luewen’s memorial dinner for 100 folks at Spook Hall. Many events and wedding receptions have been served from here. So, supporting the food bank in our wild ride of prepping, cooking, bagging, labeling, freezing and returning to the food bank what we collect every week – BLESS THE VOLUNTEERS AND THE CHURCH FOR KEEPING IT OPEN – is nothing more than fulfilling our small part in the legacy of kitchen service that this home holds. The beautiful folks who man the food bank (Liz, Ann, Pastor Vicki and so many more) and those who are saving and donating containers are the real HEROES. We (Brittany, Joshua, Kathi, and myself) are simply the lucky behind-the-scenes folks who get to do it, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to contribute!

Thank you all for participating and come visit us soon. . . Andrea and Crew at the Surgeon’s House