This grand old 104-year-old seems always to have something up her sleeve and imagine our surprise to discover that the front and left side of the façade holding the garage doors was falling/had fallen nearly 5 inches from the top of the garage. Upon a closer look, we determined that the lag bolts had finally failed and a rather major fix was needed. Even though the cable that holds the left wall to the main garage was stable, the façade was in need of demo and complete rebuilding.

We intend to retain the original garage doors so removing them carefully was essential.

More surprises awaited as we inspected the façade header.

But wait folks, there’s more . . . as we more closely inspected the remains, it was clear that the beams and rafters were serving no supportive, functional purpose and many of them were rotted – WHAT THE HECTOR?  We can only surmise how many Band aids were applied by how many workers over the years that left us where we are in 2021. Without any notion that our day would end like this, we just began stripping all useless pieces/parts.

So, at least now we have a really clean palate on which to repair and save the garage in general and what we thought was the entirety of the project – the facade and doors . . . do wonders never cease and stay tuned.