Other priorities caused a short hiatus in our garden garage fix but with the insulating complete, we are ready to move on to stuccoing.

Last of the insulation
Ready to stucco

Doesn’t it sound infinitely easy to mix and apply stucco? Not so as it turns out but our learning curve was a steep and fast one, albeit messy to the max. There was a bit of stumbling around however Joshua finally found a rhythm and got ‘in the groove.’

Getting in the grove
Perfecting the technique
Perfecting 2

We were happy to move into a weekend with coat 1 of stucco complete so we can apply the finish coat next week if the weather permits.

Coat 1 done

The garage wasn’t the only thing that got stuccoed – this picture doesn’t do the subject justice but it was everywhere. Go Joshua Go!

Its everywhere
Mr. Stucco