As we test-drive the converted garden garage loft, a patio fence and gate just seemed essential to pull the whole package together. We scavenged some ancient fencing and Joshua and Kirk set about to repurpose even a gate.

What do you think of our also repurposed vintage air horns that could serve a triple threat of doorbell, security system, or vase? They REALLY work!

With the creative and whimsical juices running wild, look at the further adornments of a doorbell/security alarm. Wait until you see the new pot, gate adornment and the ashtrash is an ajp original that extolls the virtue of the user with the caption “You got the chops”  (Notice the top of the piece – is it a set of full dental impressions???)

It is all coming together and will likely continue to evolve as we all intend for OURELVES and every other creative adventure, right?