We regularly deal with annoying and sometimes damaging aspects of the volume of traffic my skinny little driveway is asked to accommodate. Right-of-way and the narrowness of my 103 year-old drive seem to be the main issues right after exaggerated numbers and sizes of vehicles. Just recently, on a Saturday night and a full compliment of guests, we were alerted to the fact that water was gushing all over right outside the front of the house and, of course, water pressure inside fell to zip.  We ran out to discover that someone had run into our back flow prevention device, shearing off one of the valves – yipes!  Bless be that Joshua was here in a flash and we benefitted from his resourcefulness and the luck that we had a replacement valve. This could have gone in a tremendously more inconvenient direction so we decided we needed to do our darnedest to protect the device, hence a barricade. Joshua put on his myriad of hats – engineering design, welding, grinding, and installing – and showing Andrea how it was going to work while still allowing maintenance access. Time will tell if our efforts were successful.