Several months ago, we began what seemed like a slam-dunk of a project to create an addition to This Is Your Life: The Surgeon’s House binders. We had come across a goodly number of slides (remember those) and images that we felt should be preserved for posterity and historical documentation.  Little did we know the intricacies and dynamics of a project of this dimension.

Bonita and Vicki took the lead in organizing the steps in this process with a healthy side order of calligraphed annotations and binder dividers by Deborah. Bonita merchandized the presentation of the slides and our new old-timey single slide viewer to a fare-thee-well.

Comparing notes
Corners and calligraphy
Final step

OF COURSE, Kim Smerek created the sepia-toned spine and we chose black binders and employed photo corners when mounting the images to enhance the photo album feel. Bonita has them all set up for you to enjoy on your next visit.

Slides and viewer
Memory lane