As we trudge smartly on our way through the little garden garage repair, housekeeping is of the utmost so we enlisted Brian and his son to get rid of our debris so we can continue. We diverted momentarily and out of curiosity to investigate what may be an old sewer connection or perhaps a storm drain but to no conclusion.  We’ll deal with that another day.

Chipping around sewer
The sewer line maybe

So, back to our priority of re-hanging the doors.

It seems important for posterity to note a particular decision we made concerning the re-hanging. Because each door weighs in the neighborhood of 100 lbs., each has been patched and pseudo-repaired so many times over the years that the bottoms and the hinged sides of the doors have deteriorated differently than the tops and the opening edges. Also, hinged, and re-hinged various times, we decided to invert (top-to-bottom) and swap (left-to-right) so that the strongest parts of the doors would bear the most pressure and the weakest would be most protected if that makes sense?

We thought we were golden when we hung this first right-side door.

One on

We might have guessed that this old gal of a home might have some tricks up her sleeve and sure enough. Enlivened by the fact that the first door went on far more easily than anticipated, it turns out we were thrown a curve ball at the result of hanging the second door. WHAT THE HECTOR HAPPENED?!?

What in the hector happened
We're leaning

After much laughing and head scratching; shimming, and trimming; with a side order of creative problem-solving, we re-stored order as best we could.

IMperfectly perfect

IMperfectly perfect.

I have to add this postscript perspective of the condition and look of my garages and those doors 29 years ago at the time we re-did the Chauffeur’s Quarters – I think we are moving in a positive direction?

29 years ago
Do they look better
Still standing