With Juan (aka Senor Sonrisa) back with us fulltime – YEA – we are feeling pretty darned ambitious to tackle multiple projects at once. We finally caught a weather break and cleaned and re-painted the roof of the main house with the garage and garden garage loft roofs next in line.

With the power washer up-and-running, it seemed only logical to give the front porch a scrub and face-lift as it was in sorrowful need of power washing, scraping, repair, and finally painting so we dove right in.

As the arrival of our two new ‘nucs’ draws near – updated eta is 5/20, we power washed their new digs in preparation.

We have been conceptualizing, browsing catalogues, clearing, and prepping the small garden outside the backdoor and over to the Chauffeur’s Quarters for a make-up as well. We removed the small grassy area under our wind chime which revealed this clean pallet on which we began re-creation.  Here is where we ended up.

It continues to amaze me when my home gives me such an obvious vision that had been completely obscured from me until the very moment of revelation. Such was the case of envisioning a window in the back wall of the garden garage loft! After our nearly one year of evolution on the re-creation of that space, we had never before considered a back window until now. We rummaged through our storehouse of old windows and Joshua went to work to create just the right sized window to provide ventilation and illumination.

Next came the always surprising and dicey step of cutting into an existing – always a bit of a crap shoot on what we find and where? Measuring and jimmying is an artform in Jerome.

It is truly remarkable how that little window transforms the loft.

Our ancient large fountain in the south garden has really degraded over the years so we elected to RE-generate it from the ground up. Senor Sonrisa began this task by draining and Resurfacing the base . . . more to come next week.