A Holiday Overnight

The solstice brought us some blessed rain and warmer temps. Look who responded in full holiday regalia.

Winter in the sun

You will recall from a recent post, our newest tiny little visitor being closely guarded and cared for by his pig family. Just the other night, they had a family reunion under our feeding station and the high energy of the gathering just tuckered the little guy out! Babies tend to get exhausted with so much fun and good food so this person simply niggled his way between two teenagers that were also, for the record, lying down, and promptly grabbed a quick snooze. I wish we could have included the entire series of images of the little guy wrestling his way into the warmth of the packed bodies and then repeatedly drifting off and then rousing himself. He was down for the count and what a hoot!

Away in a manger
Slumber party 2
Slumber party 1

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