Last November we became aware of a wonderful venture right in Cornville and met with the innovative and intense cultivator, Jordan. He started and owns Aquatic Oasis Lilies, specializing in exotics and unique specimens that are cultivated with tender loving watch care, incredible expertise, and integrity. We inquired about the viability of growing water lilies and lotuses here at TSH. While their blooming season may appear short, our bees will adore them and they go dormant during the winter so they require relatively little maintenance. Jordan has many varieties that are well-winter hardy – yea!

Of course, our first thought was to put them in the ponds, foolishly forgetting what diggers and munchers our beloved koi can be, so when Jordan and his partner, Phil, arrived recently, we had to collectively select new locations for the planting installation.

The most divinely-intended super sunny spots presented themselves in short order so Joshua set to work (I acted as the dumb-end-of-the-stick cameraman) following their lead as passionate lily and lotus cultivators. This was quite an operation and we began by nestling the lotus pots into the crown vetch on the Maid’s Suite Back patio.

Lotus pots 1
Lotus pots 2
Filling lotus tubs
Lotus pots 3
Lotus pots 4
Lotus pots 5

The crown vetch is so prolific that within a month those unsightly tubs will disappear in the foliage. Each of these lotus plants should mature to about 4’ tall with many blooms – what a show the gents tell us to expect in the next couple of months.

With minor rearranging of existing pots, we placed the lilies’ tank on the RR garden patio and started working. God bless all the stairs in Jerome, right? Man, that dirt was heavy and the staircase got longer with each step.

Dragging clay 1
Dragging clay 2

The ‘pots’ are actually fiber bags that are porous, filled and packed with dense clay-like soil along with nutrients.

Making lily pots
Filling lily pots
In they go

Next came the incredibly gentle planting of our chosen beauties – Purple fantasy, Siam (yellow with red) fantasy, and Reine du Bal (an amazingly unique variety that is Chinese red) whose three buds should begin opening in the next 2-3 weeks. All of these flowers may be the size of dinner plates. I am simply beside myself with excitement and anticipation!

Planting 1
Planting 2

Jordan gave us the skinny on what to watch for as well as initial orientation and caring for our new babes, explaining his planting positioning to optimize that they will grow/migrate towards the sun.

Lilies planted 1
Lilies planted 2

You know how excited we dirt-diggers get when anticipating a new garden addition so you can bet we will keep you posted as these precious folks begin to grow, establish themselves, and grace us with their blooms. To tantalize yourselves, go to aquaticoasislilies.com for a portend of what we will be enjoying.

p.s. Don’t be concerned about the UNattractiveness of the lily tub as we have plans for Joshua to etch the outside surface to perfection. We are smiling our guts out!!!!!

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