Man, oh man was the serendipity flowing at our Wednesday food bank adventure. It actually began last week with a magnanimous gifting from Chef Eric at the Clinkscale of ‘tons ‘o buns’ which just screamed strata to us food bank folks. Heirloom tomatoes, red onions, frozen corn, fresh basil, leftover mini loaf pans and we were off to the races with some supplemental additions. Other than that loot, the pickin’s were meager so we searched our larder for broth fodder (scraps), chicken tenders, and rice to round out our next week frozen offerings. Get a load of what we went through . . .

132 eggs (no joke – Joshua was an egg-crackin’/whisking fiend)
8 cans of evaporated milk
2 lbs. red onions
1 lb. frozen corn
4 bottles of ranch dressing
2 containers of parmesan cheese
2 lbs. shredded mozzarella
3 large bunches fresh basil
CAULDRON of broth in the making
5 lbs. of rice cooked in broth from Kate Roberge
5 lbs. honey mustard chicken tenders to be served over the rice

I think the assembly line speaks for itself as the well-oiled machine cranks out goodness . . . what an honor and a treat to have an opportunity to participate!

Strata 2
Strata 4
Strata 3
132 egg crackin' fool
Strata-chicken consume and more
57 stratas
Strata quilt
Puffy strata