Our next step in repairing the garden garage was to replace the front above the doors as well as fabricate new cornices – we call them ‘curlieques’ – as all but one of the originals was demolished by the carpenter bees. Formerly our curlieques were NOT simply decorative but held the original roof. A beyond stellar effort on Joshua’s part resulted in placing the new top portion. I, personally, was holding my breath until the VIOLA moment.

Precarious balancing
Are we nearly done

Next we played ‘paper dolls’ making new curlieques from a pattern of the remaining salvageable one.  Curiously enough, the original redwood timbers, remnants of which we used to create our new ones (YEA from an HISTORIC point-of-view), were and continue to be extremely costly.

Making the curlieques

Next, we tarpapered in advance of stuccoing and wrapped it up for the day of great accomplishment!

P.S. The hideous Phelps Dodge green window that came from The Clubhouse was bugging Joshua so it disappeared under a temporary coat of our signature trim color.

Still green