How about a flotsam and jetsam of what’s happening other than preparation for The Safe Haven and YOUR ARRIVAL…Our magical born-again apple tree is blushing with ripeness and tons of apples so be prepared to see them at breakfast.

We continue with our food bank efforts and, man oh man, that was like 50 pounds of both meatloaf and mac n’ cheese.

One of the joys of living in our artsy-fartsy community is coming home and finding some incredible plein air painter with easel set-up outside of your home and painting your house. That is how I met Deborah McAllister and came upon this most wonderful addition to the renditions of The Surgeon’s House – thank you Deborah and you will see her again as she ‘just happened’ to be a beekeeper for eight years in Colorado and pitched in with our recent bee adventure.

Outside, just before our cold snap.