In the past, we traditionally planted castorbeans gifted to us by our holiday decorating friend, Ann and 15 years ago was our zenith with a castorbean plant maybe 10’ tall covered in blossoms and resembling some exotic Steven Speilberg creation from Madagascar! It absolutely did not look real. Since then, we have had no castorbeans hence no castorbean plants.

Over a month ago, Lauren and Camilo cleared out those dining room terraces in preparation for our new roses and perhaps one week later in the bare dirt, we noticed a sprout of ‘something’? Well contrary to horticultural logic – voila! A tiny castorbean sprout having laid dormant or suffocated for 14+ years made its re-appearance to the world. Take a look as it continues.

We shall continue to watch for more growth and more blossoms and see where this miracle baby is taking us!

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