Some months ago, the extraordinarily magical mirror hanging outside the dining room experienced another collision with weather and age so we removed it until it was revealed how to REinvent and REcreate it. REcently, our neighbor and flight instructor, Allen, took an interest in REsurrecting it. With the eye of someone who began with model airplanes and for decades has been taking apart and REconstructing sailboats, airplanes, and Volkswagens, our little falling-apart mirror was a simple, creative opportunity. I left property for about two hours in which time it transformed itself under Allen’s masterful vision from itinerate pieces/parts back to a REassembled and soon-to-be REhung garden glimpse.

Juan and Joshua gave it a fresh coat of paint and up it goes.

The REflections that are created and particularly through the leaded glass prisms encourage your imagination to see all the divas, fairies, and other earthly surprises that the gardens hold. What a difference its REhanging makes – thanks you to Allen and Joshua with a side order of Alysa!