Loving the myriad of critters that share this property with us, sometimes we need to set some boundaries to ensure harmony is maintained as well as our beloved green guys AND not lastly, our safety. We tend the bees and our feeders daily and our unusually prevalent and numerous javelina wreck havoc on the steps leading to the one camera. We had to take stern measures to ensure safe descent on one set of crude steps where our seed barriers continue to be demolished.

A much sweeter visitor is our new doe but PLEASE don’t munch on our Asian pear tree! We will be netting it tomorrow.

All the work this season on the Chauffeur’s Quarters yard has really paid off in terms of the grass but the flower beds are still not what we want. Suddenly we thought, ‘what perennial thrives in the shade and blossoms?’ We have such tremendous success with what we call the helli’s (Lenten rose) so we planted a dozen precious newbies but this time hedged our critter-bet with hopefully critter-proof cages at least until these new babes get their feet on the ground next spring. Here’s hoping and actually they look rather cute. . .

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