If you have an aversion to saying “ooooh” and “aaaaah” I suggest that you stop reading this post right this minute! We were just commenting that it must have been an unfortunate year for any raccoon family as we hadn’t seen babies yet and lo and behold, look who visited us last evening. . .mama and FIVE babes!

Family 1
Family 2
Family 3
Family 4
Family 5
Family 6
Family 7
Family 8
The Huddle
In the drink

Please be patient as the chronology of these images and the dynamics of curious kids and a mom who surely has her hands full with home-schooling lessons, keeping people safe, and reining in the misbehavers. Look at some of the mischief that took place and notice how vigilant this busy mama is in encouraging her brood to be safe while learning new skills. Somebody fell off the tree in their first assault.

What's up there
Oh boy
Oops falling off
Helping 2
Helping 3
Gentle nudge
Gentle nudge 2
Gentle nudge 3
Hands full mama
Hands full 2
Escort 2
Escort 3

We surely hope to see these babes and watch them grow. Mothers and kids don’t change, right?

Look up
More action
I'm still up here
Coming down

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